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Rethinking Mobility, Accessibility, and Safety

“I thought of that while riding my bicycle.”

– Albert Einstein

“Everyone wants to get back to nature. But none on foot.”

– Werner Mitsch


“Mankind has gone too far to go back, and is moving too fast to stop.”

– Winston Churchill


“The automobile is to blame for immobility.”

– Dr. Fritz P. Rinnhofer

Our Fields of Work

The Mobility Agenda Foundation works in the fields of transport planning and engineering. Our areas of work include:

  • Road safety auditing
  • Geometric design of roads and intersections
  • Transport planning
  • Traffic studies
  • Pavement design and evaluation
  • Transport data analysis and visualization
  • Sustainable cities and streets
  • Policy research
  • Project management and consultancy work
  • Gender equality and inclusion
  • Education and Awareness

“People need to know that fewer cars in our cities does not mean less quality of life, but more.”

– Johannes Rau

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Dimpu Chindappa

Tranportation Engineer & Road Safety Auditor

Managing Trustee

Shreyas Keelara

Tranportation Engineer & Road Safety Auditor

Knowledge Partner

Santhosh Loganaathan

Urban Mobility and Public Policy Professional

Knowledge Partner

Past Associations

Chaitanya Lodha

GIS Consultant

Prerana Katkar

Urban Planner and Researcher

N Pooja

Urban Planning - Intern

Enough talk, let's make our roads safe and accessible

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